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Attract Family Day Travelers

Family Day is on Monday February 19th this year, and while we don’t celebrate it in Quebec, our neighbors in Ontario and New Brunswick do observe the holiday. If you are looking to get some of the business for your hotel, here are some ideas of revenue and marketing strategies you can use:

  1. Discount on the 3rd night: travelers should be looking to travel for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night if they are taking advantage of the Family Day weekend.

  2. Free parking: travelers from Ontario and New Brunswick are more likely to be driving than travelers from elsewhere.

  3. Breakfast Included: make a quick weekend trip more appealing by removing some of the costs. Breakfast is something that is sought after and appreciated by guests.

  4. Late Checkout on Monday: set yourself apart by letting your guests take advantage of their final day of the long weekend.

  5. Blog posts: you can’t sell your hotel without selling your destination. Improve your visibility online and with social media by writing a blog post about what there is to do in your area over the February 17th, 2024 weekend.

  6. Customized messaging: if you are using search engine marketing, customize your messaging for the time of year.

Offering discounts and freebies is not always the best way to go about attracting new business. In this particular case, it is more about capturing the demand that exists, and incremental revenue is always welcome in February!

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